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PalmPay Customer Terms and Conditions

PalmPay is provided by Transsnet Payment Ghana Limited (“hereafter referred to as “Transsnet” or “We”), a private limited liability company licenced by the Bank of Ghana to provide electronic payment services.

You are required to read and understand these terms, as they are a binding agreement between you and Transsnet.

By registering for a PalmPay Wallet or using any of the services provided on this website/app, you agree to comply with and to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy Policy and all rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and conditions applicable to such service, and they shall be deemed to be incorporated into these Terms and Conditions and shall be considered as part and parcel of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Definitions


The following definitions relate to these Terms and Conditions:


1.1. “Agent” refers to any party or device, including authorized PalmPay Agents, Merchants, ATMs, connected kiosks and bank tellers that facilitate PalmPay transactions on behalf of customers.


1.2. “ATM” means Automated Teller Machine.


1.3. “BoG” means the Bank of Ghana.


1.4. “Content” means all information whether textual, visual, audio or otherwise, appearing on or available through the services.


1.5. “Credit” means the movement of funds into a Wallet.


1.6. “Debit” means the movement of funds out of a Wallet.


1.7. “IVR” stands for Interactive Voice Response system, the automated phone line that allows a computer to recognize voice and keypad inputs.


1.8. “Minimum KYC Wallet” refers to a new customer who provides the minimum requirements listed in [5.9] below and as defined in the BoG Electronic Money Issuer Guidelines 2015, either via self-registration or at an authorised PalmPay agency.


1.9. “Medium KYC Wallet” refers to a new customer who has provided the medium requirements listed in [5.9] below and as defined in the BoG Electronic Money Issuer Guidelines 2015, either via self-registration or at a PalmPay agency.


1.10. “Enhanced KYC Wallet” refers to a new customer who has provided the enhanced requirements listed in [5.9] below and as defined in the BoG Electronic Money Issuer Guidelines 2015, either via self-registration or at a PalmPay agency.


1.11. “Linked Mobile Money/Bank Account/Card” refers to the mobile money wallet or bank account or bank debit or credit card that you have linked to your PalmPay Wallet. This allows you to carry out transactions using funds from your bank account or bank card instead of using your PalmPay Wallet balance.


1.12. “Merchant” means any person or entity who offers and or accepts payment for goods or services using PalmPay.


1.13. “Mobile Payments” describes the service or process that allows customers to make and receive a variety of payments using their mobile phone, among other channels. This service is available as part of PalmPay.


1.14. “Mobile phone” means a GSM or CDMA device, which can make and receive telephone calls and send and receive SMS, among other communication options.


1.15. “OTP” means One Time PIN, or Verification Code, used to authorize transactions or processes.


1.16. “PalmPay” refers to the financial services products offered by Transsnet Payment Ghana Limited, with a central feature being a transactional account(s) that may be used in relation to a wide variety of services.


1.17. “PIN” means your Personal Identification Number which is the secret code you choose for secure use of (and access to) your PalmPay account. This is usually a four digit code


1.18. “Products” refer to PalmPay products, including money transfer, bill payments, airtime top-up, PalmPay retail payments services or other Merchant products and services provided through PalmPay.


1.19. “Registered phone number” refers to any phone number that has been registered on PalmPay.


1.20. “Services”; any products and services provided to the customer as part of PalmPay.


1.21. “PalmPay Wallet” means an electronic stored value account on PalmPay used to perform transactions.


1.22. “Partner Service Provider:” means any person or entity that offer its services or products through PalmPay.


1.23. “SMS” or “Short Message Service” is a standard communication service on GSM phones, which is used to exchange short text messages between mobile devices.


1.24. “Wallet” is an electronic stored value account on PalmPay created for use by the customer or Agent. Credits, debits and charges are applied to this Wallet. The account is primarily accessed through your mobile smartphone, the PalmPay online systems or other mobile applications.


  1. The PalmPay Service

2.1. PalmPay is a service offered by Transsnet Payment Ghana Limited and designed to allow you to:


2.1.1 Sign up as a customer.


2.1.2. Receiving access to our broad set of products and features within PalmPay.


2.1.3. Credit a PalmPay account with cash by; depositing at our agent locations; depositing at any of our collection banks; transferring funds into PalmPay from a Linked Bank Account/Card; receiving money into PalmPay from another customer.


2.1.4. pay or transfer money to a third party for personal reasons or as payment for physical or virtual goods or services already received or to be received in the future;


2.1.5. transfer to bank account;


2.1.6. transfer to a PalmPay Wallet;


2.1.7. pay Merchants


2.1.8. receive money from another party for personal reasons or as payment for physical or virtual goods or services;


2.1.9. withdraw cash at any of our Agent locations, PalmPay centres or ATM


2.1.10. request money from registered PalmPay users


2.2. No interest will be paid on the balance in a PalmPay Wallet unless you are subscribed to a product on PalmPay that pays interest.


2.3. Any available funds in your PalmPay Wallet can be utilized.


2.4. These Terms and Conditions apply to all channels through which transactions may be carried out on PalmPay, including SMS; IVR; Online/Internet; Online/Mobile phone application; USSD; PalmPay centres and Agent network.


2.5. We will endeavour to notify you of additional features that may be offered on PalmPay and where necessary, the applicable means or requirements to activate any such features.


  1. Opening a PalmPay Wallet


3.1. You need to be aged 18 or over to open a PalmPay Wallet.


3.2. In order to sign up to join PalmPay, an active mobile phone subscription on any supported mobile network is required.


3.3. Customers are limited to one (1) PalmPay Wallet per phone number. Multiple phone numbers can however be linked to the same Wallet.


3.4. Upon sign up each account will be assigned a PalmPay account number.


3.5. To setup your Wallet, PalmPay requires your personal details. You must provide full and accurate information as part of the registration process. When you have completed registration, you will be able to transaction up to your tier limits (as defined by clause 5.9).


3.6. By giving PalmPay your personal details, you authorize PalmPay to collect and save your data as part of our KYC information to fulfil regulatory and business requirements. All data collected will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy [URL LINK TO POLICY]. You also permit us to use your unique identifier to monitor, prevent and detect fraudulent activities and share the same with BoG authorised stakeholders like the Financial Intelligence Centre, for the purpose of deterring financial crime and fraud.


3.7. In the process of verifying your identity, PalmPay reserves the right to refuse any Wallet opening application without stating a reason. In addition, we reserve the right to ask you for supplementary information and identification documents as well as any other documents that we may deem necessary or required by law before opening a Wallet and at any point during your use of PalmPay.


3.8. We reserve the right to screen all individuals and businesses against applicable sanction lists and watchlist database and may decline wallet opening applications in the event they are found to be on any of the lists.


3.9. We reserve the right to immediately suspend or withdraw a Wallet if we have reasonable grounds to believe that there may be a breach of security of that Wallet, we suspect unauthorised or fraudulent use of that Wallet or we are required by law to do so.


3.10. If a fraudulent activity is associated with the operation of your Wallet, you agree that we have the right to apply restrictions to your Wallet and report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.


  1. Adding Funding Sources to your Wallet


4.1. You may access the available funds in other sources asides from your Wallet, customers may link Bank Accounts and cards to their PalmPay Wallet.


4.2. Confirmation and authorization of your funding sources may require an OTP, 3D Secure or other authorization methods as applicable. Once authorized, you grant Transsnet and your bank or mobile wallet the authority to debit your source(s) at your request or at any reoccurring schedule you have indicated. Your authorization is confirmed by Transsnet following a successful login to PalmPay with your security credentials (PIN, Password, Biometric etc).


4.3. Once a funding source has been linked to your Wallet, you grant PalmPay the authority to save and store the minimum required details of your funding source.


4.4. Our Information Security and Privacy Policy will be applicable to all information stored and processed.


4.5. Upon set up and authentication of the funding sources added to your Wallet, all payments processed from your Wallet are deemed genuine and you shall not hold PalmPay liable as a result of your oversight or compromise.


4.6. You will be responsible for any charges or penalties from third parties that occur as a result of any of transactions using your Wallet.


4.7. You will be responsible for managing your funding sources, in terms or additions, removals and updates e.g. expired debit cards.


  1. Transacting


5.1. You may access the available funds in your Wallet at any time using any of the channels you choose, including your mobile phone and the Internet. While we make every reasonable attempt to provide the services as described in our marketing and educational materials, we offer the services “as is” and without any warranties.


5.2. All payments will be processed in Ghanaian local currency i.e. Ghana Cedi and Pesewa.


5.3. Each transaction will be identified by a unique Transaction ID, which is used to track and identify all transactions carried out on the PalmPay network. This number is important for a variety of uses, including dispute resolution.


5.4. PalmPay will send you a receipt of all transactions relating to your PalmPay Wallet; this message may be sent via smartphone notification, SMS, email, or another available channel.


5.5. Some transactions on PalmPay may require you to input your pre-configured PIN, you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your PIN and login details of your Wallet. You must protect the secrecy of your PIN and login details to prevent fraud and unauthorised use.


5.6. As required by the BoG, there are daily limits on your Wallet. You can increase or reduce these limits by providing PalmPay with the required KYC information.


5.7. Your Wallet will be credited with any deposits made into it, and the credit will be available for transactions immediately after they are cleared.


5.8. We will verify and confirm any record of a deposit into your Wallet. Our records will be taken as correct unless the contrary is proved.


5.9. The table below outlines the customer classification PalmPay adopts along KYC levels along with the applicable transaction limits. You may not withdraw, transfer or make any payments that together exceed any of the per transaction or daily limits defined for your category. Should you attempt to exceed any applicable limits, your transactions will be declined.


Transsnet may, acting reasonably and in accordance with regulation set by the Central Bank of Ghana, vary the limits at any time and any variation will be notified to customers through our website. Where a deposit exceeding the transaction limit for your category is made to your Wallet, we will notify you to upgrade your Wallet to the category that applies to such deposit within seven (7) days. If you fail to upgrade your Wallet to the required category, we reserve right to place a restriction on your account until such upgrade to the required category is affected.

Customer Level Verification Requirements Daily limits – GHS Account Balance Limit – GHS
Minimum KYC Tier Phone Number, Full Name, Address, any ID details and Sex 300 1,000
Medium KYC Tier Phone Number, Full Name, Full Address, any acceptable ID and Sex 2,000 10,000
Enhanced KYC Tier Same as for Medium KYC tier, plus additional KYC as would be required when opening a bank account 5,000 20,000


5.10. Transsnet may review some transaction limits as part of our risk control process. Transsnet may also review the KYC Tier limits above, when this happens, we will inform customers over an appropriate channel.


5.11. You undertake throughout the duration of your use of PalmPay to comply with anti-fraud and money laundering regulations applicable in Ghana. In particular, you undertake to respond diligently to any request from Transsnet or a regulatory or judicial authority regarding any anti-fraud and money laundering activity on your account.


5.12. Any breach of the anti-fraud and money laundering regulations by you constitutes a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions and we reserve the right to immediately suspend or close your Wallet.


5.13. The proceeds from suspected fraudulent or money laundering transactions shall be held by Transsnet pending an internal decision or a judicial or administrative decision.


  1. Fees, Charges and Payment Terms


6.1. While many transactions on PalmPay are free to the customer, some transactions do carry a fee. Our PalmPay fee schedules are available at all our Agent locations, field offices, through communication with our Customer Services or by accessing our website. The fee schedule provides details on the fee amounts, and the method and source of payment for such fees. We reserve the sole discretion to revise the fee schedule from time to time.


6.2. When you initiate and confirm a transaction on PalmPay, you agree to be bound by and pay for that transaction. Do not commit to a transaction unless you are ready to pay and have checked that all provided information is accurate as all confirmed and completed transactions are final.


6.3. PalmPay is designed to make payments convenient, so we allow you to make payments using a number of different funding sources e.g. your Linked Bank Accounts or Cards. When you provide us with a funding source, you also authorize:


6.3.1 The collection and storing of identifying information along with other related transaction information;


6.3.2 The crediting and debiting of your chosen source when you perform transactions on PalmPay.


6.4. When you make a payment, you authorize us (and our designated payment processor) to charge the full amount and any charges related to that transaction to the funding source you designate for the transaction. If your payment results in an overdraft or other fee from a related party, liability for such fees or penalties will rest solely with you.


6.5. To prevent financial loss or possible violations of the law, Transsnet reserves the right to use its discretion in disclosing details of any payments associated with you with funding source issuers, law enforcement agencies, or impacted third parties (including other users). Such disclosures may originate from an order of any trial court with the jurisdiction to compel such a disclosure.


  1. Merchant Transactions


7.1. When making a payment to a Merchant on PalmPay, you will be required to confirm the transaction. At this time, you may also be requested to enter your Password or PIN depending on the channel. By entering your Password or PIN to confirm the transaction you agree and confirm that you authorised the transaction. You cannot directly reverse or cancel any payment once it has been approved by you.


7.2. When making a payment on a merchant website using PalmPay, you will be required to log into your PalmPay Wallet, before a payment can be made, in which case clause 5 will still be applicable.


7.3. If your payment appears to have not been successfully received by the merchant, please contact our customer care team.


7.4. Disputes between you and a Merchant will not affect our right to recover payments from you.


  1. Security and Unauthorized Use


8.1. When signing up for PalmPay, you will be prompted to create a personal ID number (your mobile number), a Personal Identity Number (PIN), and may be prompted to create a password for applicable channels, you will also be asked to provide answers to one or more security questions of your choosing and may be asked to select a profile image. You are responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of this security data.


8.2. You are responsible for protecting your password, PIN and login details. In view of this, you are responsible for all transactions that occur on your Wallet as well as applicable channels and you undertake to indemnify us against any claims made in respect of transactions made on your Wallet. For fingerprint access, you are responsible for ensuring that the fingerprints stored on your smartphone are yours alone and indemnify us against any claims made in respect of transactions made on your Account using fingerprint access.


8.3. If at any time you believe or discover that your password or PIN has been stolen or compromised, we advise that you immediately, login to your Wallet and change the password or PIN. If you are unable to change your security details, please contact our Customer Services immediately. We will place your account on hold to prevent any transactions from being carried out as soon as we reasonably can. You will remain responsible for all transactions that occur until your account is put on hold.


8.4. Should you dispute any purchase or withdrawal debited to your Wallet, you will be required to prove that it lacked your authorization. Such transactions will be investigated once we receive an affidavit clearly stating that you had not authorised the transaction, supported by proof of this.


8.5. We may ask certain questions to confirm your identity when you call Customer Care. This method gives us your authorisation to service your Wallet and execute your instructions. However, please note that we will never ask for your Password or PIN. We advise that you do not disclose your Password or PIN to anyone under any circumstance.


8.6. From time to time, we may investigate any actual, alleged or potential violations of these Terms and Conditions. You agree to cooperate fully in any of these inquiries.


  1. Statements and Transaction Records


9.1. You may request a record of transactions on your Wallet at any time either via your mobile phone, or, where available, online. Unless otherwise noted at time of request, all records of transactions will be provided free of charge.


9.2. You must inform us within thirty (30) days of the date of any transaction if you think such a record of transactions is inaccurate. Should you fail to do this within this timeframe, you waive the right to dispute any transactions reflected on the statement or to recover any losses from unauthorised transactions reflected in the statement.


  1. Suspension and Closure of Wallets


10.1. We may suspend, restrict, or terminate the provision of our services (in whole or in part) and or close your Wallet without any liability whatsoever under the following circumstances:


10.1.1. upon receiving a request from you at any time to close your Wallet, we will do so.


10.1.2. if you notify us that your phone has been lost or stolen or your PIN has been compromised, we place your account on hold.


10.1.3. if in any way we know or suspect your Wallet is being used fraudulently, negligently or for illegal activities or if we must do so to comply with the law, we may close your Wallet, restrict activity on your Wallet or suspend access to your Wallet.


10.1.4. In the event the suspected fraudulent or suspicious activity has been confirmed we will be required by the regulators to report the Financial Intelligence Centre, with all regulatory penalties applicable.


10.1.5. if we believe that you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions, you are trying to compromise our systems, you are unreasonably interfering with any services provided by us, or for any other purpose in protection of our interests, we may close your Wallet.


10.1.6. should you enter the incorrect Password or PIN on three (3) consecutive occasions, we will lock access to your Wallet.  You will need to contact customer care to verify yourself and unlock your account.

10.2. If we close your Wallet you must ensure that all debit orders linked to this Wallet are removed within 30 days as these debit orders will be declined after this period and PalmPay will not accept any liability resulting from these declined debit orders.


10.3. If we close or suspend your Wallet in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, we will not be responsible to you for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising from any act or omission by us or any third party for whom we are responsible, whether arising in contract, delict or statute.


10.4. In any case where your PalmPay Wallet is closed for any reason and has a balance of funds, upon your request to Customer Services, the balance will be made available to you for withdrawal barring any legal or regulatory provisions against such.


  1. Account Dormancy and Unclaimed Funds


11.1. A PalmPay Wallet shall become inactive if there has been no customer or depositor-initiated transaction for a period of six (6) months after the last customer or depositor-initiated transaction.


11.2. A PalmPay Wallet shall become dormant if there has been no customer or depositor-initiated transaction for a period of one (1) year after the last customer or depositor-initiated transaction.


11.3. An Inactive Wallet may be classified as active with any customer-initiated transactions or any deposits into the Wallet.


11.4. Customer or depositor-initiated transactions include cash deposits, withdrawals and transfers to or from the account, bill payments and other transactions that may be consummated on the PalmPay platform.


11.5. In a situation where a Wallet becomes dormant, PalmPay will:


11.5.1. notify the Wallet holder three (3) months to dormancy on the status of the Wallet and upon dormancy, to encourage the customer to transact.


11.5.2. contact the next of kin or alternative contact if still unable to reach the customer after three (3) months of dormancy.


11.5.3. continue to reflect balances of dormant Wallets.


11.5.4. retain all records of the dormant account irrespective of the years of dormancy and shall reactivate such account upon request of the legitimate account owner.


11.5.5. ensure the customer provides satisfactory KYC evidence of account ownership, to reactivate dormant accounts.


11.6. All funds deposited into any of Transsnet’s collection accounts from an individual or depositor without sufficient details as to the rightful beneficiary will be classified as unclaimed funds.


11.7. Transsnet shall employ adequate efforts to reach the collection bank for details of beneficiary.


11.8. In the event of funds deposited in the collection/pool account remain outstanding for a period of six (6) months, Transsnet shall pool all such funds into a suspense account at a bank. The funds shall be warehoused until the beneficiary shows up or the corresponding bank debits Transsnet’s pool account.



  1. Partner Services


12.1 Transsnet may partner with other companies to provide new services to you within the PalmPay mobile application.


12.2 To use the Partner Services, you will have to sign relevant Terms and Conditions and your information will be controlled via the Privacy Policy of the partner. If you disagree with these terms or policies, you can continue to use PalmPay without the additional features which are offered by the partner.


12.3 You are responsible for and agree to indemnify us against any fees, fines, penalties and other liability which incur or are caused by you using the Partner Services.


  1. Notices


13.1. The physical address or email address or telephone number you supply during sign-up are regarded as the preferred channels via which notices may be given and documents in legal proceedings may be served. You must notify us immediately should your physical, postal, email address or mobile phone number change.


13.2. By agreeing to these terms, you authorise us to send information to you via SMS and smartphone push-messaging to the registered phone number associated with your Wallet and as amended from time to time.


13.3. By agreeing to these terms, you authorise us to send any notice to an email address specified on your Wallet (if applicable). This clause pertains to customers who have accessed and used PalmPay services online or via the PalmPay mobile application.


13.4. Any correspondence that we send to you by courier or post will be considered to have arrived within seven (7) days of sending the same and any correspondence that we send to you by email or SMS will be considered to have arrived on the day that it was sent to you, unless proved to the contrary


13.5. You should send any legal notice to us by post to our address at No 54 Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana. If our address changes, we will notify our customers via our website.


  1. Privacy Policy


14.1. PalmPay is totally committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy, hosted on our website, explains how we capture, use and share information from you when you use our Services.

14.2 If you disagree with any of the terms in the Privacy Policy, you should stop using PalmPay Services and uninstall the mobile application from your device.

14.3 PalmPay ensures that our day-to-day processes comply with this policy. You can contact us to update information we have about you or request further details about how we treat your information. To contact us please send an email to or call us on 0800 PALMGH (0800 7256 44).


  1. PalmPoints


  • PalmPoints (“PalmPoints”, “Points”) is a loyalty programme which allows PalmPay customers to receive points by completing certain activities or qualifying transactions within the PalmPay app.


  • PalmPoints will be credited to the customer’s PalmPoints account immediately or soon after the qualifying activity / transaction has been completed. The amount of Points awarded may change and will vary depending on the transaction completed, the amount spent and when the transaction takes place.


  • Where PalmPoints can be collected with partners further terms and conditions may apply.


  • PalmPoints can only be redeemed against specific transactions as defined by PalmPay. These transactions may include PalmPay referrals, airtime top-up and bill payment.


  • Customers can earn a maximum of 1,000 PalmPoints per day.


  • PalmPay is entitled to remove PalmPoints at any time if transactions are reversed or cancelled.


  • PalmPay is entitled to remove PalmPoints from a customer’s account if they detect or suspect fraudulent behaviour. This shall include transactions which go above and beyond what could objectively be considered consumer behaviour or personal use.


  • PalmPay may set a limit on the number of times PalmPoints may be awarded for a promotional item on which points are available from time to time.


  • The PalmPoints rules will be communicated via our website.


  • PalmPoints awarded at the time of the transaction or PalmPoints already issued may be removed or cancelled if PalmPay determines that the Points were collected in breach of these terms and conditions or were awarded in error. For the avoidance of doubt, any advice or actions of our staff that is contrary to these terms and conditions will not have the effect of changing these terms and conditions.


  • PalmPoints have no value until converted into transaction discounts at the point of redemption. The current conversion value of points is one point equal to ten Pesewa. This conversion rate may change at any time. We will communicate such changes via our website.


  • PalmPay is under no obligation to award PalmPoints for any reason outside of qualifying transactions.



  1. Disputes and Reversals


20.1. If you believe that an unauthorized or otherwise problematic transaction has taken place on your Wallet, you agree to notify us immediately, to enable us to take action to help prevent financial loss.


20.2. All claims against us related to payments should be made within thirty (30) days after the date of such payment. It will be taken that you waive all claims against us, to the fullest extent of the law after the said period of time.


20.3. You are responsible for and agree to indemnify us for all reversals, charge-backs, claims, fees, fines, penalties and other liability incurred by us (including costs and related expenses) caused by or arising from payments that you authorized or accepted.


20.4. If you enter into a transaction with a third party and have a dispute over the goods or services you purchased, we have no liability for such goods or services. Our only involvement with regard to such transaction is as a payment agent.


20.5. We may intervene in disputes between users concerning payments but have no obligation to do so.


20.6. It is your responsibility to remit any taxes that apply to your transactions and not normally included in the cost of the PalmPay transaction. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any claim arising out of your failure to do so.


20.7. The transaction ID and transaction details will be required to resolve all disputes.


  1. General


21.1. We try to keep PalmPay available at all times, bug-free, and safe, but you use it at your own risk. We are providing PalmPay “as is” without any express or implied warranties including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. PalmPay is not responsible for the actions, content, information, or data of third parties, and you release us, our directors, officers, employees, and agents from any claims and damages, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with any claim you have against any such third parties.


21.2. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete portions of these Terms of Use, at any time without prior notice to you. It is your responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions periodically for changes. Your continued use of the website or PalmPay following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the changes.


21.3. You are responsible for your connection to the mobile phone networks, the Internet and all costs associated with these same connections.


21.4. We are not responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction, or delay in any mobile phone networks, mobile phones, ATMs, the Internet or terminals or any of its supporting or shared networks, resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


21.5. We may allocate any money received from you or held on your behalf to settle any outstanding balance on your account.


21.6. All copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights used as part of our services or contained on our websites, documents or other materials are owned and controlled by Transsnet or its licensors. You agree that you acquire no rights to the same and shall not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute such material in any way, including by e-mail or other electronic means and whether directly or indirectly and you must not assist any other person to do so.


21.7. You acknowledge and agree that these Terms and Conditions are governed by Ghanaian law and any breach of these Terms and Conditions will be considered as having taken place in Ghana.


21.8. The Parties shall use their best efforts to amicably settle all disputes arising out of or in connection with the performance or interpretation of this Terms and Conditions. Any dispute or differences arising out of the construction, interpretation or performance of the obligations created under this relationship which cannot be settled amicably within one (1) month after receipt by a party of the other party’s request for such amicable settlement may be referred to arbitration under the Ghana Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, 2010. The arbitration award shall be final and binding. The place of arbitration shall be in Accra, Ghana and the language of arbitration shall be the English language.

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