Win Big At PalmPay Super Easter

It’s PalmPay Super Easter season and we are bringing you egg-citing prizes on your PalmPay app. ?


Yes! We are splashing the cash at the PalmPay Super Easter Promo between the 19th of March – 19th of April for everyone who uses the app to transact.  ?

Win up to 3,000 Naira on PalmPay by using your Easter Rabbit to claim eggs throughout the campaign


The more eggs you collect, the higher your rabbit goes and the more rewards you would win.

There are 4 ways to claim eggs;


1)Complete tasks in main tasks and other tasks

During the Super Easter campaign, you will find two kinds of tasks on PalmPay; The main tasks, and other tasks. Users are required to complete a certain number of tasks to claim eggs manually


2)Hunting eggs from friends 

Users can obtain the chances of hunting eggs from friends. Simply click ”Start Egg Hunt” to go to the ranking list to grab the eggs of friends, the number of times you can go on egg hunting is dependent on the level your rabbit is on and the number of friends you invite.


3)Claim one egg every day by entering the campaign page and collect manually.

Users can claim one egg daily by entering the campaign page.


4) By  Inviting new PalmPay users

How to get started/Claim a badge

Step 1. Click on the floating rabbit on the home page

Step 2. Scroll down to see the task list

Step 3. Click on any of the tasks such as- Buy Airtme

Step 4. Complete the airtime transaction

Step 5. Click ‘Collect Eggs Now’ to claim egg manually

How to egg hunt

Step 1 Tap the floating rabbit on the homepage

Step 2. Click ‘Start Egg Hunt’

Step 3. You can either egg hunt from your friend list or the ranking list.

How to Share the Super Easter Activity with your friends.

Step 1. Click on the floating rabbit on the home page

Step 2. Click share with friends

Step 3. Select any of the social network channels

Step 4. Share your activity link

There are 6 levels to reach.


Rabbit level  Reward details Needed eggs
Level 1 1 egg hunt attempt
Level 2 2 egg hunt attempts, N20 cash  plus N120 coupons 10
Level 3 3 egg hunt attempts, N60 cash plus N201 coupons 70
Level 4 4 egg hunt attempts, N150 cash plus N430 coupons 200
Level 5 5 egg hunt attempts, N280 cash plus N290 coupons 460
Level 6 N1000 cash 920



Things to note;

-Users can catch the Easter eggs once daily though PalmPay homepage and win cash.

-Users need to collect eggs to upgrade the rabbit levels

-The more eggs you collect, the higher your rabbit goes and the more rewards you would win.

– Users can boost their level by going on an egg hunt and grabbing the eggs of their friends in their contact list.

-Users will get one egg hunting chance if their egg is stolen by others.

-When your friends join PalmPay by using your invitation link or code, they’ll receive 100 PalmPoints. After they complete the first transaction, you will receive 100 PalmPoints as a reward.


What are you waiting for? Click on the floating Easter rabbit on the homepage of your PalmPay app and start claiming eggs.

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