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PalmPay Support Fund – Terms & Conditions for Individual Payout

PalmPay Support Funds T&Cs

Who will be eligible for the N100,000 Virus Support Fund by the PalmPay Support Fund?

 To be eligible to apply for the PalmPay Support Fund (the “Fund”), the Customer must:

  1. Register on PalmPay and verify your BVN with PalmPay at least 2 weeks before making a claim.
  1. Perform any of the following transactions at least twice per week on the PalmPay app to stay covered.

1) Money transfer

2) Top-up airtime

3) Buy data bundle

4) Water

5) Electricity

6) TV

7) Internet

8) Agent cash in & cash out

9) Repayment- Easy Buy

10)Repayment- Palm credit

11)Send lucky money

  1. Have a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) and supply evidence of a positive test result and other documentation according to the official process by the NCDC.


How to apply for the N100,000 PalmPay Support Fund?

Subject to the preconditions of the Fund, if you are eligible and have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive following the official NCDC process, you may apply for the fund allocation to the maximum amount of N100,000.

To apply, please contact the PalmPay customer care team with a proof of a positive test result from the hospital and any documents required by PalmPay. You can contact us via live chat or phone us on 01700 5700.

Payout to you from the Fund will be made directly to your PalmPay wallet account.

Payout will only be made upon confirmation of COVID-19 by the NCDC or a recognised government hospital appointed by the NCDC to run the COVID-19 diagnostic test. Evidence of a medical report issued by these organisations must be presented at the time of claim.

Payout is strictly for the COVID-19 diagnosis and no other form of medical condition. Therefore, where it is established through medical reports that a claimant has a pre-existing medical condition, payout will not be made.

Where it is established that claim to the payout fund was been made through fraudulent or dishonest means; including falsification of medical records or getting infected on purpose to gain access to payout funds, PalmPay shall not be liable to make any payment.

Payout to you from the Fund will be within the sole discretion of PalmPay, and will be based on the evidences and documents provided at the time of claim.

The Virus Support Fund will be used to support eligible customers. The Terms and Conditions for fund allocation and eligibility to the Fund may change over time. PalmPay reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or delete portions of these Terms and Conditions, at any time for any reason without giving prior notice to the customers.

In case of any dispute, PalmPay reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.



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