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Cash Spree is now bigger and better!

Get rewarded for inviting your friends to PalmPay. Simply share your cash spree link with them and cash out when you hit your target. 

The new reward tiers are:

N500 -> 3 new users

N1000 -> 4 new users

N2000 -> 5 new users

You must complete your invitation target within 7 days from starting your Spree to earn your reward.

Please note that your invitees must authenticate their account before you can earn your reward. If all of your invitees pass the authentication within 24 hours, you will be able to cash out. Otherwise, we will give your invitees up to 7 days to complete the authentication and settle you later if they meet the deadline.


Don’t know about Cash Spree? We have you covered.


Cash Spree is a referral feature of PalmPay where users can earn cash rewards for inviting others to download and register on PalmPay and then withdraw this cash when they reach the withdrawal threshold. 


The reward of Cash Spree is Cash. Users can earn fixed cash amounts for a specific number of new users they are able to successfully invite to PalmPay. The total cash amount is limited and available only on a first come first serve basis.

How to claim Cash Spree & invite your friends to claim.

Step 1.  From the homepage click on ‘Cash Spree’

Step 2. Click on withdraw cash on the PalmPay ATM

Step 3. Click on any of the cash on display

Step 4. You will be credited with a random amount, tap ‘Invite friends to claim’ to share with friends.

Step 5. Share your link with your friends via any social network

Things to note- All your questions answered.


  1. There are 3 different cash reward threshold, each one has its corresponding value and numbers of invitees required. You can choose any of the reward thresholds to start your earning task.
  2.  You can earn cash reward from Cash Spree every day after you start your earning task, the amount of reward is random and sums up until you reach the withdrawal threshold.
  3. The validity period of each earning task is 7 days to reach the withdrawal threshold and withdraw cash after which you have to start your earning task all over again.
  4. Share your earning link with your friends and invite them to PalmPay to be able to claim cash rewards. Your friends have to download and register on PalmPay to be able to help you complete your earning task and withdraw cash.
  5. Both old and new users can help out by clicking on your earning link but you will get a larger reward amount when new users help out. Once they help out, you will receive your cash reward and your friends that are new to PalmPay will receive a random cash voucher reward.
  6. You can also get a cash reward by sharing your earning link with friends and sharing it in 2 Whatsapp chat groups to get the cash reward.
  7. Every PalmPay user can help others out up to three times in one day and every user can start as many earning tasks as they want to enable them to earn and withdraw.
  8. The same mobile phone number, Valid ID Card, NIN, Bank Card, Bank Account, BVN and mobile phone device will be regarded as the same user even if they have been used multiple times.
  9. When you start an earning task on Cash Spree, you can only withdraw the corresponding cash reward by completing the task (Note: The effective period of an earning task is 7 days, you must complete the task within 7 days to be able to withdraw the cash).
  10. If you failed to complete a task by claiming the entire cash amount before the 7-day expiration period, you will not be able to withdraw your cash and it will be forfeited.
  11. Your invitees must have completed real-name authentication within 7 days when you are ready to withdraw the cash reward or it will fail.
  12. It may take up to 24 hours for PalmPay to validate your withdrawal after you have submitted a withdrawal request and the cash will be sent into your PalmPay wallet after confirmation.

Start an earning task today by clicking on the desired cash amount and start inviting new friends.

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